2021 Pool Season Schedule

Our pool season is generally Memorial Day Weekend through Labor Day Weekend.

Due to current Covid gathering restrictions, we are not sure if this will impact our 2021 Pool Season. 

Homeowners will be updated once we have more information.


Pool Rules




These rules apply to the pool deck and surrounding pool area.


When there are 20 or more swimmers in the pool, homeowners can bring up to 2 additional guests. When there are under 20 swimmers, homeowners can bring up to 5 additional guests.

Swimmers age 14 and under must be accompanied by an adult over age 18. Swimmers 15 – 17 must swim with a buddy.

All swimmers must:

  • Take a cleansing shower (including hair) before using the pool.                                 
  • Keep shoulder length hair tied back.
  • Wear proper swim attire. No cutoffs, cotton or unhemmed clothing.
  • Refrain from entering the pool If you have a disease that can be transmitted by water or have been ill with diarrhea or vomiting in the last 2 weeks.
  • Change out of and into new swim attire if recently coming from the lake.


  • Disposable diapers (must use designated swim diapers)
  • Diving, running, pushing, dunking, or other horseplay
  • Music players
  • Food of any kind
  • Liquids (water in non-breakable containers is ok)
  • Alcohol or tobacco products of any kind
  • Skateboard, scooters, rollerblades, bikes, hoverboards or other personal wheeled devices
  • Anyone under the influence of alcohol or drugs
  • Pets


  • If you don’t follow the pool rules, you will be asked to leave.
  • Service animals are allowed in the pool area but may not roam free. All service animals must always be supervised and monitored by their owners.
  • Swimmers with seizures, heart, circulatory or known medical problems should not swim alone.
  • There is a first aid kit located in the cupboard on the outer clubhouse wall in the pool area. 
  • Pool monitors are NOT lifeguards. They monitor the pool to ensure the rules above are followed and that the pool is safe and enjoyable for all. They have the ultimate authority to interpret all rules above and to remove ANY person from the pool or pool area if the actions of the person are disruptive, questionable or in violation of these written rules.