Remodeling began throughout our clubhouse in early September 2023. 
We now have remodeled bathrooms, new flooring, tables, windows,
and a new double oven, stovetop and range hood in the kitchen! 
Additional upgrades will come in early 2024.
For now, reservations for our clubhouse are once again available! 


Thank you for your patience!

About half of the second pile of logs from recently downed trees remains to be cut into rounds. We hope to finish up this project in the near future. If anyone would like to volunteer to assist with that, we would greatly appreciate it. 


Thank you to our volunteers for spending time cutting rounds for the community!

                             Refresh and Spring clean-up!


 To coincide with our Spring Fling event, the Board of Directors sponsored a trash container FREE to ESBC residents. A 40-yard container was available at the park for general waste collection and was filled up twice. Thank you for participating! 

Members of the Pacific Northwest Boat Racing Association recently helped check off the first of many projects planned for the community park.


ESBC has partnered with the PNBRA for many years to host hydroplane races in July, known as the Black Lake Regatta. As part of that partnership, the PNBRA members volunteered time and materials to level the dock ramp, pressure wash the entire dock, repair side boards, and stain both the ramp and the sitting area. Their volunteer efforts benefit the community at no extra cost. 


Thank you PNBRA!



A large improvement project was recently completed within the community park.

Major road upgrades, parking expansion, and vegetation cleanup took place mid-April.


Thank you for your patience while access to the park was limited during the project!