Leave a voicemail at (360) 956-9568 if you need to purchase a new keycard. If you need to speak to a person immediately, please call our management company.

Keycard Policy - Draft -

Draft Evergreen Shores Beach Club

Gate Policies & Procedures

Key Card Issuance & Access

Adopted: July 13, 2015; Revised March 20, 2017; DRAFT APRIL 2021 


Key Card Assignment – 

• All new Owners will be responsible for purchasing new key cards, unless they receive key cards from the previous owner. 

o Any additional key cards will be $15.00 per card and will require the owner to obtain them at ESBC office from a board member and to bring a check/money order/cashiers' check made out to "Evergreen Shores Beach Club". Vantage’s office where they will be provided with a receipt.

o Additional card fees are to be paid either with Cash or by Check. No balances will be added to an owner’s account for later payment. 

▪ There shall be no more than (3) three key cards issued to a single lot. 

• Lot Owners who own multiple houses in Evergreen Shores, may receive up to two key cards per home. 

• No lot owned by a Bank will be assigned key cards. Only when the lot is sold will the new owner be able to pick up key cards from Vantage

• Key Cards will not be assigned to any owner with a balance owed on their account greater than $15.00. 

• Management will make every effort to have the owner pick up their cards from the office but if the owner requests the cards be mailed to them, the lot owner is responsible for the cost of said mailing. 

• Vantage shall verify and record the key card numbers on a gate processing form immediately to avoid discrepancies and errors when handing key cards to residents. 

As of April 2021, Keycards will be processed in house by board members. - Board will update this policy to reflect these changes.

Tenants – 

• Cards are to be handed out or mailed to lot owners only, at the lot owners’ billing address. If picked up in person, a valid ID matching the lot owners name must be presented. 

• Property Management firms managing the property on behalf of an owner may make key card requests on behalf of that owner. However, they must still make all requests in writing. 

• Management shall record all tenant information into their software system and attach it to the record of the property. 

Problems on site – 

• Management is to NEVER open the gate for any resident for any reason unless directed to by the Board in writing. 

• All owners having technological issues with entering the gate will have their account researched and written up by Vantage. A board Member.

o If their card is found to be active and undamaged, then the Board will need to be contacted to let them into the gate. 

Management will notify the owner that the Board has 24 hours to respond to all requests and an appointment will need to be made with the Board to let the owner in. 

As of April 2021, Keycards will be processed in house by board members. - Board will update this policy to reflect these changes.


Activating Cards/De-Activating Cards – 

Management Board shall notify any owner receiving new and therefore inactive cards or having their cards turned back on, that there is a period of twenty four (24) hours before the card is fully functional. 

Management Board shall monitor delinquent accounts on a weekly basis and turn on any cards where the balance has been paid. 

Management Board shall turn off the key cards for all delinquent accounts on July 1st every year which follows the Delinquency Policy for Evergreen Shores. 

Management Board shall activate or deactivate any key card(s) as directed by the Board within twenty four (24) hours after said request is made. 

o Any request made by the Board MUST be in writing. 

As of April 2021, Keycards will be processed in house by board members. - Board will update this policy to reflect these changes.

Reports – 

• Management shall provide the Board with a weekly system report and the most updated database file every Friday to help the Board prepare for any emergency gate items during non- business hours. 

Database Management – 

• Management understands that the database for the gate is accessible by Board members and that both parties can access and/or edit the data at any time. 

o The Board agrees to notify Management immediately if they make any changes to the database.