Community Park Rules

The park is for current lot owners and their accompanied guests only

Hours of operation will be 5:30am to dusk - The gate locks at dusk, 9p

10MPH in the park

No ATV's, dirt bikes, golf carts, or other unlicensed/unauthorized vehicles

No vehicles allowed on grass

No parking in covered cookshed

All pets must be leashed at all times and picked up after - Mess bags are provided near park entrance and lake picnic area*

No one under 12 is allowed to use the lake access swimming area or dock without a parent or guardian present

Swim at your own risk in the pool and lake access swimming area

No running on dock

No skateboards, skates, scooters, rollerblades, bikes, etc. are allowed on dock

All litter must be placed in the appropriate containers near the entrance of the park


Lot owners are responsible, and liable, for all person(s) who gained access to the park with their keycards. This includes vehicle(s) and person(s) who may not be in your party but came in while the gate was open under your access card.


Failure to follow the rules of the park and pool can result in a fine and suspension from the park.


*If you witness a violation of the rules, you can submit information by emailing our management company or by leaving a voicemail at (360) 956-9568. Please provide a description of the violation, time/date, any identifying information (clothes color, hair color, vehicle, etc.) as well as your contact information.