Our contract with current management company, Vantage Communities, will be ending on Feb 28, 2021. The BOD has hired The Management Trust - CDC to assume the management and accounting responsibilities for our association beginning March 1, 2021.

Homeowner's will receive important letters from both Vantage and The Management Trust in the mail next month. The new management company will conduct our annual meeting that was due to happen last May and was postponed because of the Covid19 pandemic.

In the meantime, the BOD wants to notify all homeowners/lot owners that have automatic payments being sent by your bank to Vantage Communities to cease payments by Feb 19th. You will receive information of where to send future monthly or yearly payments from The Management Trust within the next month.

*Any check/money order payments received by Vantage after February 19th will be forwarded to The Management Trust.
*Correspondence sent to Vantage after February 28th will be forwarded to The Management Trust.
*Any correspondence received by Vantage after April 15th, will be returned to sender.


To protect our Community assets and future savings we have had Comcast install 3 cameras that are monitoring and recording the entire pool area, inside the Clubhouse and the gates as well as the front entrance to the park. We now have 30 day retention of any activity in those areas.
A key card reader has been installed on the pool gate. It is connected to our current gate system that reads and monitors our existing gate card readers. With this new system we will no longer need Pool Monitors in the coming summer months.
We have also hired a pool company to maintain and service the pool. Our service is monthly during off season and every week of June through Labor Day when the pool is open. We have 2 volunteers to take water samples twice daily that are required by Thurston County Health Services during the summer season when the pool is open. We certainly will need additional volunteers to help with water samples and other pool/park needs. If interested please contact us!
The addition of the security cameras and new key card reader on the pool gate is half of the cost to pay pool monitors for 3 months, which didn't include costs for insurance and the management company fees for payroll.
With that being said, we have major repairs that need to be done on the pool. We have estimates from two pool companies and will get a third.

To re-plaster the pool is at least a $18,000.00 to $24,0000 cost alone. Re-plaster, new tile and second drain are needed to be added in order to meet new standards. So we are looking at a total cost of $70,000 to $95,000 depending on estimates. We are looking to see what needs to be fixed first or if we need to take a chunk of reserves to have the work done in 2021.
We also have volunteers for fixing some areas of the Clubhouse that need attention. We will be asking for some volunteers when the Covid-19 restrictions are reduced so we can have work parties to repair the pool deck and painting in the Clubhouse.
Of course there are other areas we will focus on to improve our common grounds such as a beach/swim area cleanup, repairing pot holes in park driveway, boat launch and dock repairs (if any), and repair the roof on our supply shed.
We have a great community and are looking forward to working together!
~ESBC HOA Board of Directors