Community Events

2018 Halloween Party & Trunk or Treat

-Sunday, October 28th, 2pm-5pm-

Do you want your vehicle to participate in the Trunk or Treat? Submit your info below and you will be added to the list.

Pick a theme to decorate your vehicle and trunk with, bring a bag or two of candy and then back yourself into a spot along the basketball court. Extra points if you dress in costume to match your theme!! FINAL DETAILS: -Show up between 3:30-4 to set your vehicle up with it's decorations, however long you think you need to set up. -The Trunk or Treat starts at 4:30 SHARP. Just back your vehicle up to the edge of the basketball court so that your trunk is at the edge of the concrete. *Don't forget your gate key to get inside the park!* -Bring a bag or two of candy to hand out to the kids. -All vehicles will be entered into a drawing for best overall themed out car and will be presented with a prize at the end of the event, so bonus points if you dress the part that goes along with your theme!

Do you want to compete in the Spooky Treats competition? Submit your info in the form below!

Attention bakers, and crafty folk who love to cook: A new activity we are having during the Halloween Party is a Spooky Treats competition! There aren't any rules except for making sure your treats are ready to go for individual servings during the event and don't need refrigeration, etc...we will provide plastic utencils and plates. -Treats will be voted on during the party and winner does not need to be present to accept their prize. (Just be sure to leave your contact information when dropping off.) -Treats can be dropped off as early as 2p at the kitchen inside the clubhouse. -The Spooky Treats competition will start at 3 and will end at 4:25p. -Winner will be announced before Trunk or Treat Begins at 4:30 Game on!

2019 Superbowl Party *TENTATIVE*

-Sunday, February 3rd, time to be announced-

Come warm yourself by the fire while watching the big game on the projector at the clubhouse! Best wings and/or dip competition. Check back for more details...this event is labeled as tentative while logistics are being worked out. 

2019 Easter Egg Hunt in the Park

-Saturday, April 20th at 11am-

Kids will be able to hunt for eggs filled with candy and/or "Bunny Bucks" in the park field. Followed by "Bunny Bucks" prizes, refreshments and possible dessert competition inside the clubhouse. Check back for more details.

As always, if you would like to volunteer to help the Activities Committee with planning and day of activities, please fill out and submit a contact form here. (Scroll down for the form after clicking the link)