HOA Dues

Yearly dues must be paid by June 1st, yearly, to avoid late fees and to keep your residence/lot in good standing.


Monthly payments for next years' dues can be made online via your online banking Bill Pay or via Vantage's Hometastic site using PayLease (click here)



If you have not paid your annual lot owner dues yet, you will need to contact Vantage Community Management to arrange payment for your dues and any late fees.


Payments can be made online via PayLease or by going into Vantage's office with a check or exact cash.

Please note, payments made online through PayLease take 3 days to clear and post to your ESBC account.


If you have questions about your dues, late fees, due dates, etc. please call Vantage at (360) 455-4464 or send an email to

Please note, when calling or emailing Vantage, you need to provide your lot number  "in Evergreen Shores", legal name

on lot title, and a good phone number/email address to contact you, that has a voicemail set up and is taking messages.

Lot numbers can be discovered by clicking here.

Key Cards

Key cards are only activated, giving residents access to our community park, when dues are paid up to date. 


If you are making a payment to restore/activate your keycards, please allow up to 24-48 hours, after payment has been posted to your ESBC account, for the keycard to work at the gate.


To request additional or replacement keycards, please click here for the Key Card Request form. (Filled out form can be emailed to, brought in to their office with check or exact change (we suggest calling before driving there to see when they close for lunch), or brought to any monthly HOA meeting at the clubhouse.


Payments can be made via Vantage's Hometastic site using PayLease or by going into their office and paying with check or exact cash.

Please note, if you pay using the PayLease option, it will take 3 days for that payment to

clear and post to your ESBC account in addition to the 24-48 hour activation wait period.


Resident questions, comments, concerns...